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We specialize in commercial and residential emergencies, including leak detection and prevention, emergency water extraction and dry – out, mold remediation, storm and flood recovery. If you suspect you might have a leak or moisture buildup in any area of your home, contact us right away for a free inspection/detection.


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a serious issue, whether it is a faulty dishwasher, cast iron pipe bursting or a flood from any type of hurricane, we can help! Our trained staff will immediately come out and begin the dry-out process with our state-of-the-art equipment. If you suspect your roof, pipes, shower, windows or any part of your home may have a leak that can potentially damage your contents give us a call.


Mold Inspection And Removal

The biggest problem with mold is its ability to hide in plain sight. You won’t know when it starts growing under the walls or floor, and by the time you notice it creeping out, it has already spread its roots. The kicker is; mold doesn’t limit itself to organic materials–it can grow inside walls, on aluminum sidings, or even under tiles. Whether it’s your business place or home, once mold infestation starts, it can produce a foul odor, cause discoloration, weaken the structure and release toxins that pose serious health risks.


Leak Detection And Repair

Suspecting a leakage in your home or business place? Well, there’s a good chance your sneaking suspicion is right. Leakages can be very silent with minimal tells. By the time you discover visible evidence, they’ve already done the deed – damaging walls, pipes, furniture, floor, or even the whole irrigation system. Oh, and the water bill gets a sudden increase. And if you close your eyes on it, leakage can even start a flood by damaging the pipes enough to burst and let all the water out into your residential or commercial space.


Fire Damage Restoration

Seeing a part of your property getting damaged in the fire can be heart-wrenching; we understand that. And it can be very tough to deal with the aftermaths a fire brings, like smoke stains, the smell of soot, and blacked out walls. But problems don’t end here – your health and safety are also at risk from exposure to all that carbon.We know how traumatizing and stressful it can be for you to deal with everything, which is why we are at your service.

Call Us For A Free Evaluation

At Ediss mold remediation & Restoration, we have a team of skilled professionals dedicated to helping home and business owners with our broad range of satisfaction-oriented services. So give us a call; we serve 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it’s day or night, we have teams dedicated to helping you whenever you need us.

24/7 Emergency Response Available!