Professional Mold Removal Services Improve Indoor Air Quality

Professional Mold Removal Services Improve Indoor Air Quality

Mold can damage your belongings and affect your indoor air quality since it travels through airways in your home. Additionally, Mold reproduces through spores that become airborne. While Mold grows primarily in dark and damp spaces, high-resistance Mold species can also invade open spaces.

Stats show that over 70% of homes in the US have Mold and that over 10% of Americans are allergic to Mold. Suppose you have reason to suspect the presence of Mold in your home; it’s best to contact professionals specializing in mold removal and related services.

Mold Testing

Common Mold species like black Mold are easily visible on your surfaces or furniture. You may notice black patches or dots on your walls or other surfaces. However, there are over 300,000 different types of Mold that may affect your home, and some of them may not be easily visible.

Mold testing experts use unique solutions and equipment to detect the presence of Mold in your home. The experts will also check your quality of indoor air. Suppose you or other residents in your home have been experiencing allergy symptoms like rashes, respiratory issues, itchy eyes, asthma, or unexplained mood signs. In that case, you may consider checking your house for Mold.

Evaluate Reasons for Indoor Air Quality Issues

Inadequate ventilation is a common cause of Mold growth and poor indoor air quality. Experts from the mold remediation company will study your home ventilation system. Transfer of heat energy and airflow through your ventilators allow your surfaces to dry out. Additionally, inadequate ventilation will also restrict the entry of fresh air into your home thriving in areas with poor ventilation. So what to do next?

If you spot some Mold in your home, contact Ediss mold remediation; your local mold remediation expert to evaluate the effectiveness of your ventilators, your HVAC system and hidden areas that might be affected by Mold. Call us today at 877-841-1665



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