Hire A Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Service

Hire a Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Service

Several reasons can trigger house fires. Issues with electrical wiring, malfunctioning appliances, or even unattended cooking or baking can lead to fire catastrophes. Stats show that cooking accidents are the cause of over 61% of house fires in the U.S. It takes professional expertise and high-grade equipment to manage house fires and post-fire cleanup activities.

A reliable fire damage restoration service can help you handle the disruptive damage and help restore your home to its former condition.

Help Minimize the Impact of the Fire

An efficient fire damage restoration service can help prevent the situation from aggravating and spreading. It’s crucial to call your local damage restoration company and not handle the situation independently. You or your family members could sustain severe burns or other injuries from entering the premises too early or from touching surfaces that might still retain heat.

The damage restoration company can assess the intensity of the situation and perform supervised, well-guarded measures to end the fire and get the building to cool down. The company can also stop the fire from spreading into more areas of the house or damaging more of your belongings.

Handle the Situation Safely

Metal installations and tiled surfaces can retain heat for a long time. Moisture or water present in your premises during the time of the fire can also instigate the generation of steam.

Fire damage experts who deal in restoration projects daily use specialized tools and equipment to identify and inspect the heat level in the internal environment and the surfaces. Additionally, the experts also use safety suits, masks, and other safety gear to help avoid injuries.

You could also sustain severe ailments and injuries by inhaling excessive amounts of soot or other toxic elements in the atmosphere after a fire—over 13% of fire accident deaths in the U.S. result from secondary inhalations and other secondary conditions. Professionals who have formal training and experience in managing house fires can help avoid several problems.

Post-Fire Cleanup

Cleaning up a house that was affected by a house fire is almost as troublesome as managing the dangerous situation itself. Your walls, floors, and other surfaces are likely covered in ash and soot. You may also have to deal with soot stains on your walls or other surfaces. It would also be challenging to deal with damaged electrical wiring or plumbing connection.

Seeking the help of a professional fire damage restoration service for post-fire cleanup is the best option after a house fire. The experts will carry out the cleaning, cleanse and purify your surfaces and internal atmosphere to minimize the level of damages you sustained.

Contact Our Certified Experts for Immediate fire damage restoration

Our certified bonded fire damage restoration professionals at Ediss Mold remediation and Restoration provide dependable damage restoration services 24 hours a day. Access our website or contact our experts a call at 877-841-1665 if you face a fire emergency.


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