Is Pet Dander Circulating Through Your A/c System?

Is Pet Dander Circulating Through Your A/C System?

Maintaining multiple components within your home while ensuring a healthy environment can be a time-consuming task. While you may not have considered it, even your HVAC system and air ducts require regular maintenance to maintain top efficiency.

Getting regular air duct cleaning won’t just help keep pet dander out of the air but keep harmful contaminants out of your home to ensure better health for everyone.

How Pet Dander is Affecting Your AC System

From rabbits to dogs, most household pets have abundant fur that can end up all over your home. It can be specially noticed during their shedding season and can even end up in your HVAC’s air ducts.

The pet hair that is caught in your AC unit’s air ducts is regularly circulated around your home, lowering your home’s air quality. An HVAC unit can recirculate air within a home up to eight times, so once pet dander ends up in your air ducts, it’ll be continually circulated around your home multiple times.

Maintain Air Quality Within Your Home

Besides pet dander, other particles can also accumulate in your HVAC’s air ducts over time, including dust, dead skin cells, rodent feces, and much more. You may even begin to have mold infestation within your air ducts that can further worsen your indoor air quality.
When you want to have a clean indoor environment, air purification is crucial. Getting air duct cleaning can help people who suffer from dust allergies and have respiratory ailments.

Regular Maintenance for Efficient Cooling

When your air ducts are clogged and dirty, your AC unit has to work harder to maintain your desired room temperature. Air ducts are the bridge between your AC unit and room, and when they’re blocked, it can make cooling an issue in your home.

Air conditioning duct cleaning can help make your AC unit work more efficiently while reducing your monthly utility bills. It’s a cost-effective solution for those who want to ensure that their AC unit doesn’t break down or require expensive repairs in the future. Technicians can also inform you if your filters or any other component needs replacement or repairs, which can save you from unexpected cooling breakdowns.

Need Experts for air duct cleaning? Our Technicians Are Available for Your Needs Anytime

When you need to maintain your AC unit so it can work efficiently to cool your home, especially during hot summer months, getting regular air duct maintenance is ideal. It is an affordable way to keep your indoor air quality healthy while enjoying cool air throughout the day.

Pet dander can end up making your air ducts clogged in no time, especially when your pets are going through their shedding season. Our experts at Ediss Mold Remediation & Restoration have been working for years, cleaning and maintaining air ducts and AC units in the Florida area.

When you require experts to ensure that your AC unit doesn’t break down, call us at 877-841-1665 to get professional and speedy services at any time!

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