Remedy Mold Damage With Expert Mold Removal

Our Mission

Our Mission / Mold removal: To Help our clients have better indoor air quality and remove mold from homes.

Why us?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that no one else does, Here at Ediss Mold Remediation we stand by our expert team of air duct cleaning technicians 100%. Our Mold removal and Mold Remediation teams are also top notch and have state of the art equipment to perform any task at hand. At Ediss Mold Remediation we focus on giving our clients quality 100% of the time.

We bring value to our clients because we are out the every day finding new ways to combat mold and eradicate mold.  Mold removalMold Remediation and mitigation are all the same thing.  They have different terminology in different Countries and places of business or industries.

One of the most common places where mold is found is in the AC closet.  This is the area where you constantly have hot air meeting cold air and this creates condensation, condensation then turns into water which in turn will evaluably turn into mold. Moldy air can be a sign of mold in the A/C closet. Moldy air can lead to health concerns especially if kids are in the home.

If you notice the picture on the right this is a clear example of having mold in your A/C Closet.  There was black mold behind the main duct which was feeding the entire A/C system and house. Once completed we the A/C with Rotobrush Beat Heppa  A/C duct cleaning system.

In conclusion I would like you  to check your AC closet and see how it looks. Contact Ediss Construction to conduct a free mold inspection.

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