Signs That You Need Immediate Mold Inspection By Experts

Signs That You Need Immediate Mold Inspection by Experts

Mold is a constant threat to any home, and any homeowner’s worst nightmare comes true. It can be pervasive and spread all over your home in a matter of days if not adequately dealt with at the right time.
To know when to call the experts to conduct a thorough mold inspection in your home, you need to watch out for these signs. If one or more are present in your home, it’s best to get Mold testing done as soon as possible.

Musty or Odd Odors

Have you caught a whiff of a musty and moldy odor while walking around your home? If so, the chances are that there’s Mold somewhere visible or even underneath your floors or walls.

While all homes have a distinct smell, depending on their age and whether you use external scents, the moldy odor has an odd smell that’s hard to forget. If you keep smelling it for a while, it’s time to get experts to check for you.

Signs of Water Damage or Water Seepage

When you’ve been experiencing some wet weather in South Florida, be aware that it’s the ideal Mold condition to grow within your home. When there are signs of water damage or seepage inside or outside your home, Mold can grow within a day. Mainly due to the humidity and temperature.

If you’ve spotted water damage but no Mold, you must get the damage fixed as soon as possible. Getting a dehumidifier for your home can also make it less optimal for Mold to pervade.

Increased Allergies and Respiratory Conditions

Many people tend to develop allergies and respiratory conditions when they’ve been inside a house with Mold. It’s because Mold spores can be inhaled and wreak havoc in people with sensitive dispositions.

When you’ve been sneezing or suffering from allergies excessively, the weather might be to blame. But if it’s not the weather or the dust, then it’s most likely Mold. Get Mold testing done in your home when you have consistent allergies or worse asthmatic conditions.

Visible Mold Around Your Home

The easiest way to know if there’s Mold in your home is to spot it directly. While Mold can be in many varying colors, the one most commonly found in homes within South Florida tends to be green in color.

Depending on how long it’s been present, it can even look grey to black inside your home. If you’ve started spotting patches of Mold, get a mold inspection done immediately to contain the threat.

Need Immediate mold inspection? Ediss Mold Remediation Experts Are Available to Help

When you feel that your home possibly has Mold due to its old age or the weather, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Ediss Mold Remediation to get it sorted straight away.

Mold can be hiding in your air ducts or growing due to a leaky pipe. Trust our experienced technicians to inspect every inch and get to the bottom of it. Call 877-841-1663 to set up an appointment or seek emergency assistance from our experts.

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